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Primarily Talking About Trans folk Topics and LGBTQ+ Support. Occasionally off-topic for other matters. “She/her”

Personal Pleasure take on a whole new meaning nowadays, the idea of what it was pre-transition was completely different from the way that I experience pleasing my body now 3 years later. The experience is all different and honestly, “I would have never even considered the difference until I tried it.”

So like what did I do differently you might wonder?

So like, let me take you back to pre-transition and actually through my first 2–3 years of experiencing romance and tell you exactly what has changed. Why it changed is well another matter but let's dive right into it.

K-1 Visa, just another international problem that has hit not only the USA but countries all around the world. However, I can only truly share my experiences with getting a Fiancee Visa, but it is a nightmare that I honestly am disappointed in the world in general for allowing K-1to go unnoticed by many until it is too late.

Honestly, there are so many things going on right now with Covid 19 that one more thing doesn’t seem to phase anyone now so honestly 2020 still feels like it in 2021. So perhaps we need to call it 2020.1 …

Interestingly enough things took a turn for the worse for me several weeks ago when life made some strange happenings that I would have never have guessed would hit me. Now like what I am talking about is Life, Marriage, and things in general because I was unprepared for how this was all about to go down. I have been in my marriage for over 14 years and you wouldn't believe it but that didn’t make a difference when my divorce struck me like a hurricane, bulldozer and a tidal wave all crashed into one.

So like what happened? OMG…

OMG, where do I even Begin it been a while since I wrote anything? Life has just been taking me for a roller coaster ride emotionally and physically. I have had so many different things happen over the last several months with the biggest thing was switching from a pill to a shot on hormones and much more.

Comment and let me know your opinion about my change. What do you think about my progress visual?

So like, my hormones were unbalanced before and my results came in just a couple days ago, Friday I believe of last week. My…

OMG Why oh Why

Mmkay so like I was talking to my brother yesterday and we got into a heated argument because he actually pays rent to cover him living there. This was the agreement before he moved in.
Anyways, like we were talking about him not paying rent and how he owes me back rent for the month and then also owes me money for the gas for taking him back and forth to work each week. I felt that I shouldn't be paying for his gas to go to work.
Mmkay, so like after he gets his check this week…

I would have never thought in a thousand years that I of all people would be teaching my family members about makeup. Like everyone in my house are girls except my brother; that’s literally 5 girls and 1 boy counting me.


Right so like I’ve been learning how hard it is to put Makeup on and with lots of videos and training I’ve actually improved, quite a lot compared to first time 2 and a half years ago.

“It’s amazing how long it has been already”.

Okay so — “I’m super proud of the opportunity to teach my children"…

Interestingly enough I had a long conversation with my wife just the other night and we talked about this as I explained to her how I see things now from a different point of view. Why the world looks different through my eyes and not hers because I notice the way people are looking at me. The perception is drastically different then it was only 3 years ago.

So like, I am not going to get into detail about my conversation with my wife because well you know that's kind of personal “Wink, Wink” but let me tell you about…

Whoooooaaaa I can’t believe it, I honestly think that Somewhere between when I first started taking hormones to now my spacial awareness has drastically changed.

Okay so like let me explain…

Before I began my journey to come out and finally be the woman from inside to the woman I am now I was a lot different. Granted I was like so not super aware of my surroundings but believe me, I didn’t bump into nearly anything unless it bumped into me.


So like now I find that I have the hardest time walking or running past anything without…

Today, walking with my two daughters through Wal-Mart the foundation of practically all goods nowadays, I look around as I am walking as everyone does, but standing on the back of my neck I could feel the hairs rise as people stare at me.

For what reason do they have?

Are they judging me, or are they thinking something else entirely?

I carry on about my normal day gathering some supplies for our pool and then a few groceries for tonight's dinner, a beautiful and tasteful baby back ribs with some yummy cheese sticks and mozzarella sauce combined with a…

Mmkay, so like it has been 3 whole years that I’ve had the same therapist and she is and was amazing. I am so happy that I have had the chance to have her as my therapist.

Photo by Erda Estremera on Unsplash

Well because she is leaving I’ve decided to bring her a going-away cake to make her day. It so cute and says “Take Care “Name” because I truly hope that she has a great life Ahead of her where ever she moves to.

She only moving because her husband is in the military and being reassigned, so sadly I have to go and…

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